Still Alive!

It has been a while. Things have got in the way of the second in the series. Most of the reasons are boring. The most interesting one however is I have a new dog. Puppy. His name is Wilfy, and he is a working cocker spaniel, chocolate brown in colour, all over, with the exception of one or two white hairs now appearing on his chest. He has taken, and still takes up nearly all of my time, however he has been a life saver through these difficult times.

I had completed the general preparation for the second book in this series, but have been distracted with one thing and the other.

However I can now announce my intention is to crack on once again, even if its only for my own interest and wellbeing.

There are still news reports on the subject of county lines, and others on the mass arrests of suspects for sharing and distributing child abuse images, a subject which will feature during books 2 and 3 in my series. Therefore, I hope you may agree it would be foolish to end the story of Tiny Runner at this juncture.

I'll keep you updated.

Cheers for now.


Wilfy in early June 2020.

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