New beginnings

Morning all.

Writing begins in earnest today for the second book in the 'Runner' series. This book will carry on where 'Tiny Runner' left off, and cover a short period of time past the violent ending at Notting Hill Carnival. The new title will be announced here soon. Release date is targeted as 01/10/2017. The story covers the fall out from the first book, and includes an historical tracing of how a key character got to where he is now.

I took this photograph in July 2015. For those that don't know this is the West End Central Police Station which I know from the 70's and 80's, and which features in 'Tiny Runner' during the interview stages. There is more to come in the next book in and around this place.

Losing Mum and Dad Part 2

From the notes made whilst on holiday

11th February 2010

‘Let’s get to the airport early’ - famous last words. M25 clear, parked up no problem, in Terminal 3 building for 4pm, flight due off just before 10pm. No where obvious to eat in Terminal 3 downstairs, ‘Can we check our bags in early?’ ‘No, only 3 hours before the flight’ Never mind, upstairs food, chicken curry and a stop in Costa, nearly time to check in. Oops, both bags too heavy. 23kg is the limit, my fault of course, loads of stress, throw away travel iron, tresemme, and movement to hand luggage, just about got away with it. The overcharge was £60 per kilo. We were 9kg over combined!

Eventually, on the plane, 1st leg to Singapore was 12 hours, 2 meals later, 2 films, and no sleep to speak of, arrived late, got off plane, and virtually straight back on, another seven and a half hours to Sydney. Same seats, the 747 becoming familiar. Off plane at Sydney for nearly 2 hours, nice coffee, stroll and onto a plane that looks like it’s going to fall apart. The flight didn’t disappoint! The scariest 3 hours, another meal. Total of 5 now, belly expanding rapidly. Landing also scary. Arrived! Early by 5 minutes, 24 hours in the air, it’s now Saturday around 2pm (13/02/2010).

Rang the number for Walkabout vans. ‘I’ll be there in 10-15 minutes, across the road from door 9.’ Found it, Steve Quick sound alike turned up. ‘You drive mate.’ Felt like a driving test, wearing my walking boots too. Found our way to the depot, very helpful where to go, and not to go, scrawled a pen through large sections of New Zealand. Warnings about speeding and not driving too far, new laws coming in soon because tourists have killed 4 Kiwi’s.

On our way in ‘KIKI’ the van. Susie puts up bunny girl pictures, difficult to put the cases anywhere. Thank heavens for the shower for storage!

Thames is there in 90 minutes, no problems. Stock up and found site easily, ‘Dicklow Park.’ Made do with cheese sandwich having had many meals in the previous 36 hours. Campsite is small but fine.

(Apologies for the Steve Quick reference, if he ever reads this at least he will know what I mean!)

No Liverpool updates to speak of. First televised games of the new season now released. Love it.

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