Tiny Runner now paperback

All is well. The Tiny Runner ebook version is now available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B073FV2NJT.

There is also a paperback edition available with a different cover. The cover is in fact the photograph on the home page of this website.

It seems a timely release as there were yet more headlines on the news only last night about the rise and rise of knife crime in London in particular.

Tiny Runner himself is involved in knives. There is also a stabbing murder within the book. It feels like the headlines of the last few weeks are all relevant to my story, and yet this story has been brewing for at least 10 years!

Please spread the word about the book, Tiny Runner. As relevant now as it was then, and more to follow!

As promised, a quick line about Liverpool FC. A am a little worried about the incessant rumours around Couthinho leaving. Leave the boy alone!

Losing Mum and Dad. Part 1

I am an orphan. Well not actually an orphan. Not in the true meaning of the word. That is I am not a child that has been orphaned. At the time of writing I am sixty years of age. It is January 2017, and I have recently reached the age of free prescriptions. Nothing else is free when you reach the age of sixty. Not where I live anyway.

What I mean by orphan is that my parents have both died. My Mum died in 2010. My Dad survived alone for another five years. I got the word orphan in my head when a friend of mine, of a very similar age to me, called himself an orphan, after the death of his own Dad, a few years ago.

So here I am. A married man, twice, devoid of parents. I mention the fact that I am occupied in my second marriage because it is of relevance to this story. We were married in 2009, in the July, and we decided to go on a big honeymoon in 2010. When I say big I mean this in the literal sense. Big both in terms of length of time, and distance away. We had three weeks in New Zealand beginning in February 2010.

I have recently come across a diary of sorts from that holiday. Not really a diary, but some notes for each day we were away. It seems to have ended just short of our return date and I am not sure whether I stopped writing or a page or two have been lost.

I came across the notes during a period of non-writing. That is I am attempting to write a novel, and for a period had stopped. I started writing the book late in 2015 and hoped to finish it by Xmas of that year. Then by Xmas of 2016. You get the picture.

The notes of the holiday were intended as a journal and then became something of a ‘do’s and don’ts’ whilst on holiday in New Zealand. This was decided after I had a terrible dose of the trots which came out of nowhere in a remote location. We laughed afterwards, and I thought about letting people, specifically ladies, perhaps of the type that attend women’s institutes, or should I say the type of ladies that like to hear a story of sorts, whilst being made aware of potential pitfalls whilst away on the other side of the world. Needless to say nothing came of this either.

It did remind me though of how the death of my mother bookended that honeymoon.

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