Some simple stories

This is my first attempt at both a blog and creating a website. The main purpose is to ensure that details of my book(s) get out there. However, that in itself would not be enough to encourage followers methinks! Not in the first instance in any case.

Therefore, I will break things down into various streams of interest. THE most important is the book, hopefully to become several more. The debut novel is entitled Tiny Runner and bits and pieces of interest will be posted here in relation to that and future follow ups that are planned.

I have a healthy interest in walking, especially around my home, close to the Darent Valley path, which is highlighted by a photograph I took on the front cover of the website. This one is taken from a hill overlooking the village of Eynsford in Kent. In the middle distance is the railway viaduct, well timed with a train going over. On the horizon can be seen some of Eagle Heights, which does what it says on the tin, and more. I intend to post photographs and stories about my walks in this blog. (Plenty from other places too).

I maintain a passion following Liverpool football club and there will be succinct comments on their progress, or otherwise in the coming season.

I will finally provide some details of my life in the form of a story, entitled 'Losing Mum and Dad,' which has happened in recent times. Fear not, it won't be all doom and gloom.

That's it for now.

Top of Snowdon with my sons

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