On our way!

From the NZ diary 14/02/2010 Raining lightly, off we go around the Coromandel Peninsula, it’s spectacular all the way around. We stop in Coromandel for coffee and a cake, nice town it seems. Onwards towards Whitianga, fantastic place. Our site is out the other side, Mill Creek, attached to a bird or animal park, only 2 people staying down a 2 mile unmade road. Very laid back owners. We went back to Whitianga for supplies, looking for burgers, found mince and made our own with onions. Paid $50 for 2 nights to chap who was very keen to show his collection of animals. More on the books next time!

Younger Runner

The title of the second book in the Runner series will be Younger Runner. The next rung up the gang structure. The book is in its early stages yet. I have also decided to provide a full character bio in this book as it would be difficult to read one book without the other if this wasn't provided. Many characters were introduced in Tiny Runner, and some of these had real+street+informant names. Not intended to be too complicated, but hopefully the character bio will help. I am also working hard on another idea which is different, although potentially linked to the Runner series. Early stages but I am excited about this one. More to follow. Liverpool are about to embark on a couple of m

New beginnings

Morning all. Writing begins in earnest today for the second book in the 'Runner' series. This book will carry on where 'Tiny Runner' left off, and cover a short period of time past the violent ending at Notting Hill Carnival. The new title will be announced here soon. Release date is targeted as 01/10/2017. The story covers the fall out from the first book, and includes an historical tracing of how a key character got to where he is now. I took this photograph in July 2015. For those that don't know this is the West End Central Police Station which I know from the 70's and 80's, and which features in 'Tiny Runner' during the interview stages. There is more to come in the next book in a

Tiny Runner now paperback

All is well. The Tiny Runner ebook version is now available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/-/e/B073FV2NJT. There is also a paperback edition available with a different cover. The cover is in fact the photograph on the home page of this website. It seems a timely release as there were yet more headlines on the news only last night about the rise and rise of knife crime in London in particular. Tiny Runner himself is involved in knives. There is also a stabbing murder within the book. It feels like the headlines of the last few weeks are all relevant to my story, and yet this story has been brewing for at least 10 years! Please spread the word about the book, Tiny Runner. As relevant now as

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